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There are tours that are just tours, I’m here for the experience!

On this page you can find just some exclusive experiences chosen based on my passion, knowledge and experiences to ensure you receive the highest level of the service. Read below about some of the private tours that I can offer.

Amalfi coast tour with Positano Amalfi and Ravello
Amalfi coast tour with lots of Wine
Amalfi coast tour with Lemon Experience
Amalfi coast tour with Olive Oil Experience

Positano Ravello with Mozzarella and Limoncello Experience
Pompeii plus food or wine tour
Paestum and Mozzarella Experience
Truffle Hunting tour
Private Transfers

I can also provide  Private Transfers  with multiple stopovers, from and to the main airports, railroad stations and hotels in the area.

Email me your dreams.


Amalfi coast tour with lots of wine

Explore every corner of the Divina and let yourself be seduced by its magical atmosphere.

I can be very flexible customising this tour and will always find the best options for you on this amazing trip. You don't want to enjoy a wine tour, your can replace it with the Limoncello Experience next to Positano or the one in Amalfi, a Cheese Factory in Ravello or why not,  just explore Positano Amalfi and Ravello.

I will pick you up at your accommodation at approximately 8.30 am and we’ll explore the Amalfi Coast on board  a Luxury Mercedes Air-Conditioned Vehicle (disinfected between each trip) then you will continue the day with a Wine tour at the Tenuta San Francesco in Tramonti near Ravello.

Wonderful view of Atrani one of the smallest villages in Southern Italy, located immediately after the village of Amalfi

We’ll drive along the winding seaside roads of the Mediterranean Sea avoiding the heavy traffic and learning inside secrets from the region. I will pamper you and handle the winding roads so you can take in all the amazing scenery along the way , we will stop so you can get some amazing photos and I will give you friendly honest advice for local food treats.

We will visit the highlights of the area, including Positano - a cliffside town with pedestrian roads winding between colorful shops and seaside views. If you happen to stay in Positano you can visit Amalfi instead and explore the alleyways while tasting the delicious Sfogliatella, the famous puff pastry with cream and ricotta cheese. Here you can climb the majestic stairs leading to Saint Andrew's Cathedral. We'll drive by the Fjord of Furore, a peaceful coastal treasure in the town of Praiano. This hidden beach is one of Italy’s best kept secrets.

The beautiful gardens of Villa Rufolo in Ravello overlooking the Amalfi Coast

On our way to Ravello we will pass through Atrani, breathtaking to see. Once we get to Ravello, I will give you time to explore the town where you can visit the Villa Cimbrone with its famous belvedere "Terrazzo dell infinito" (Infinity Terrace), the Villa Rufolo with its beautiful Gardens, or the Ravello’s main square.

The square has multiple cafes and bars to relax in or to  just sit and do some people watching. You can stroll the paved stone streets and do some window shopping … but don’t forget to taste the excellent cappuccino from here.

We’ll continue our journey to reach Tenuta San Francesco in Tramonti area for your lunch/wine tasting, the tour at the Ancient Vineyards and at the Wine Cellars with one of the experts of the estate. Here you will find the real spirit of the Amalfi coast!

The people of the area and their love for wine combined with local fresh food and unspoiled nature, will be like spending time with friends and  family ...eating ,drinking, talking and laughing. After this experience you won't want to go back to your hotel …..or maybe even home anymore.

Send me an email to provide you with more details, select points of interest and offer you a quote.


Positano Ravello with  Limoncello & Mozzarella


We will meet at your accommodation around 8.00 and after I have introduced myself, between a historical, culinary, and traditional chat we will reach Ravello. Before giving you some free time to visit the village, I will take you to the Staiano family dairy for your experience of making mozzarella and where tradition and quality are the basis of their production.

The temple of Jupiter built around 250 BC, was built in a main period of strong urban expansion of the city and soon became the sacred structure of Pompeii.

You will visit the factory; you will be shown how real mozzarella is made and after wearing an apron you will also have the opportunity to make it yourself. Bottles of Prosecco or Falanghina or Gragnano, which are local wines, will accompany your tasting of mozzarella, also the one made by you, and other local cheeses with a fresh and delicious tomato salad.

The dairy is very close to the center of Ravello, from here you will also have time for a nice walk inside the town to visit Villa Rufolo with its fabulous gardens or Villa Cimbrone with its infinity terrace. At the end of your visit, I will guide you on the Divine Coast passing through Atrani: preferred by Denzel Washington for his latest film, The Equalized 3. We will then pass-through Amalfi and Praiano, also making stops for splendid photographs with you as protagonists.

The Basilica at the ruins of Pompeii with the majestic Mt. Vesuvius

Along the way, before entering Positano, we will stop at Valentino's for your limoncello experience where respect for traditions and a family atmosphere are the ingredients of the products prepared in his laboratory.Sitting on wine barrels and enjoying the view of Positano, Valentì o Valentino will give you a demonstration of how limoncello is made, taste it, and don't forget his recipe!
With a smile printed on your face we will reach the center of Positano where I will leave you free time to dispose the mozzarella and the limoncello, walking through the small streets full of linen and sandals shops.
Around 4.30 pm you will be returned to your hotel.
Obviously when requesting this tour I will have to contact Valentino and Biagio to know their availability and if is working, match their times

I have multiple recommendations to offer you for food and wine tours on the Amalfi coast. If you prefer, you could only visit Positano Amalfi and Ravello. Send me a note to provide you with more details, quotes and how to make a reservation.


Pompeii plus food or wine tour

Let's go on a day trip toward some of the most famous sites near Naples!  

I’ll pick up at 8.30 am at your accommodation and we’ll reach Pompeii or Herculaneum the famous Roman towns buried under the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.  Once at the ruins I will introduce you to your private Official Guide (licensed by the regional office of tourism) who will take you for a couple of hours through the ruins.

The temple of Jupiter built around 250 BC, was built in a main period of strong urban expansion of the city and soon became the sacred structure of Pompeii.

Pompeii is a bit like a labyrinth and with the guide, you can go back in time to touch the daily life of a typical 2000 year old Roman city without getting lost, and someone  answering all  your questions. He/she will explain how the houses had an essential decor and windowless design and breakfast was made with milk, honey and focaccia.

The habitants of Pompeii used loose comfortable clothes, wearing wide tunics and a toga wrapped around their bodies. The women dressed their hair with special tools and beautiful jewels matching their outfits. Pompeii was the political spot, the place for trade and for sure a place to  have fun. The daily life included restaurants, Water Spas to relax, and brothels. Brothels had "Love's Menu" frescoed on the walls to facilitate the guests who visited Pompeii and didn’t speak the same language to choose their pleasure.

The Basilica at the ruins of Pompeii with the majestic Mt. Vesuvius

At the end of your private Pompeii or Herculaneum Tour we’ll reach the Oil Factory in Sant'Agnello (Sorrento) where you will discover the secrets of the Sorrento Olive Oil Industry , or the Pastificio Il Ducato di Amalfi in Gragnano, universally recognized as a "cradle of macaroni" for your Pasta Factory tour and lunch. Another option is the Wine Tour,  you can do it at Le Lune del Vesuvio next to Pompeii, a great place where you can enjoy an excellent wine watching your kids riding a horse, play in a grass or harvesting the grapes, or at Cantina del Vesuvio located at the foot of Mont Vesuvius where in a magic atmosphere you will indulge in lunch, visit the vineyards and enjoy your wine tasting.

I have multiple recommendations to offer you for food and wine tours. If you prefer, you could only visit Pompeii or Herculaneum and Vesuvius. Send me a note to provide you with more details, quotes and how to make a reservation.


Paestum & mozzarella

Awaken your five senses with buffalo mozzarella and discover the jewel of Magna Grecia

I will meet you at your accommodation around 7.00am and whisk you off for a day in Paestum. During our trip we’ll admire the beautiful "no tourists" countryside and I will provide you with commentary on the area's culture, history and traditions all while enjoying the comfortable ride. After a couple of hours, we will be at the Vannulo Cheese Factory where you’ll take a private tour to learn about the production, the factory, the leather shop and met the Buffaloes. This tour includes tasting the best mozzarella cheese ...when you take your first bite the unconscious becomes conscious and you can’t help wondering; how is it possible to make a mozzarella like this?

This is a Buffaloes Mozzarella. Mozzarella means cut off and here you can have an idea of when a ball of it is cut

Probably the unique taste is the result of how exclusively treated the 600 buffaloes are on 200 hectares of turf, eating only forage from organic crops, sleeping on comfortable streamed mattresses and refreshed with streamed showers while listening to Mozart.

They also produce yogurt. Well, I'm warning you, once you taste it, going back to the usual yogurt will be a problem.

After few minutes tasting this wonderful experience, we’ll arrive to the Archaeological site of Paestum, one of the most important settlements in Magna Grecia, where I’ll introduce you to your Official private guide.

Paestum is a perfect example, among the most intact of how Italy is as a country rich in archaeological sites that for centuries has attracted visitors from all over the world. Your guide will show you the Temple of Ceres with its light and elegant structure, the Basilica, the oldest building dedicated to the goddess Era. Near the Basilica you will visit the Temple of Neptune, the most majestic and best preserved of these ruins.

You will find yourself surrounded by the remains of an ancient amphitheater, traces of numerous buildings and the mighty city walls. The archaeological visit will be completed with the National Museum of Paestum which documents the urban life and social transformations of the city.

The Temple of Ceres with its light and elegant structure, the Basilica, the oldest building dedicated to the goddess Era. Near the Basilica, the Temple of Neptune, the most majestic and best preserved of these ruins.

After you’ve explored the ruins, tired but happy, I will take you back to your accommodation. Send me an email to provide you with more details and make the most out of this extraordinary day trip.


Truffle Hunting

A unique experience, a hunt for the object of desire most sought after by many gourmet enthusiasts.

I will pick you up at your accommodation on the Amalfi or Sorrento coast 7.00/7.30am, and we will face a journey of about 1 hour and half through the local beauties to reach Volturara Irpina and on the way I will introduce the day's program.

During the trip I will give you general information about the area indicating all the highlights, such as Vesuvius, the Gulf of Naples up to the Mountains of the Partenio Regional Park, the Avellino valley and the Picentini mountains up to Volturara Irpina and the surrounding countryside, the place where the famous Campania truffles grow.

Once we will arrive at our destination we will begin the experience with a sweet welcome, you will be offered a small breakfast and some water.

Your experienced truffle hunter with his hunting dogs known for their sharpened senses

I will introduce you to your hunter and his two dogs (2 lagotti romagnoli), the leaders of the day, guided by their fair and instinct matured over years of experience. It is to the dogs that we will have to give all our attention, following them and trusting their nose. It will be exciting to immortalize them when they finally find a truffle and their delicate work to extract it from the subsoil, without damaging it.

The walk will last about 3 hours and it will be exciting, entering the wood, to fell the smell of the nature and the silence interrupted by the noise of the trees, the history and the anecdotes about the truffle. It doesn't matter if you find it, just being here, in contact with Mother Nature is worth a treasure.
Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and take a camera with you for splendid photos of the nature that will surround you and also of the dogs as they smell the earth in search of truffles hidden under the shrubs.

One of the black truffles that the dogs found in the wood during a truffle hunting tour with my guests

After your hunt, we will drive to a small nearby town, Candida: the name derives from the white rocks on which the oldest part of the town is located. You will end the tour at La Corte dei Filangeri Restaurant where Antonio, the chef, will prepare 3 courses based on truffles, accompanied by bottled wine and water. Of couse, the dessert will complete your lunch. At the end I will take you back to your accommodation.

Send me an email to provide you with more details and make the most out of this extraordinary day trip.


Private transfers

Are you on a short vacation and don't want to miss out on the most important highlights of the area?

Let me know what places and activities you would like to experience during your transfer and I can personalize it with multiple stopovers including and not limited to all the highlights you are dreaming of.

Me, your upgraded podcast, in my new brand Mercedes Van vehicle in one of the stop for pictures on the Amalfi Coast

Direct transfer are available, upon request, to and from Naples Airport, Naples Train Station, Rome Airport, Rome Center, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Florence, Lecce, Bari or wherever you are or want to go in Italy.

You can combine transfer plus tour at Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius and/or many amazing wine and food tours.

Always at your disposal for any questions and information.


Thank you for your feedback

Covid-19 İnformation

I constantly keep myself up-to-date with the regulations provided by the health department. I will be by your side to help answer any questions or concerns you may have for your future trip to Italy.

I take your health and safety to my heart and I assure you that all cars are completely disinfected between and during every trip.