Stefania al Volante

I‚Äôm the best driver and, as my clients call me, an upgraded podcast ūüėČ

As the Italian saying goes, ‚ÄúDonna al volante pericolo costante‚ÄĚ (woman driving, peril thriving). I am almost sure that whoever invented this saying has never met me! I am, without doubts, the best driver!

Me in my new brand Mercedes vehicle
My husband and I on our way to our reception by the sea in Sorrento
Stefania enjoying the best Italian gelato

I'm originally from Milan and many years ago I decided to follow my heart and move to the south of Italy, it truly was  the best decision of my life.

I now live in the lovely area known as Sorrento, one of the best access points to the Positano, Amalfi & Ravello Coasts. I'm a very  experienced driver and I know every inch and hidden corner of this beautiful area.

During our tours, I will drive you to amazing  spots to take stunning photos and make wonderful memories all while keeping you away from the overcrowded tourist places. 

I love talking to people and sharing the stories from this amazing region. I really want you to discover and experience the real soul of this stunning  part of Italy.

Let me know what places and activities you would like to experience while in this area. I can personalizse tours to Pompeii, Herculaneum plus many amazing wine and pasta, oil, lemon tours; Paestum and Mozzarella tour, Capri Boat tour and an exclusive Truffle Hunting tour.

I organise private direct transfer of transfer with multiple stopovers including and not limited to all the highlights you are dreaming of.

Stefania ‚̧ԳŹ


Private Tours

All my tours are on board a Luxury V-Class Mercedes Air-Conditioned Vehicle with up to 7 seats. Due to the high hedges along the Amalfi coast and drive, this type of  vehicle is perfect even for just two passengers because  it allows one to capture the scenery and beauty of the coastline.

Amalfi coast with lots of wine

The beautiful landscape of the Amalfi coast and the painted village of Positano

Pompeii plus food or wine tour

The Basilica at the ruins of Pompeii with the majestic Mt. Vesuvius

Paestum & mozzarella

The Greek Temples of Nettuno on the right and the one of Hera at Paestum

Truffle Hunting

Your experienced truffle hunter with his hunting dogs known for their sharpened senses

Capri boat tour

Glimpses of Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast and Capri during a boat tour

Private transfers

Stefania waving from her verhicle

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Covid-19 ńįnformation

I constantly keep myself up-to-date with the regulations provided by the health department. I will be by your side to help answer any questions or concerns you may have for your future trip to Italy.

I take your health and safety to my heart and I assure you that all cars are completely disinfected between and during every trip.