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I really like to discover unique places where my guests can have real experiences, just like my private tours with me.

Below are some of my favorite places in the area that I can include and combine with any of my private tours. It all depends on your wishes and preferences.

Please advise me, in advance, in case of any food allergies


Wine tour Tenuta San Francesco

Indulge in a superb wine tasting during a home cooked family style lunch after your visit at the vineyards and the cellar.

Tenuta San Francesco was founded in Tramonti on the Amalfi Coast in 2004 on the initiative of three families: Gaetano and Generoso Bove, Vincenzo D'Avino and Luigi Giordano to enhance the long wine making history of the area and their families of origin.

Upon your arrival at the Estate, Raffella (daughter of Gaetano) or Sonia (daughter of Vincenzo), both sommeliers, will accompany you to visit the cellar and the vineyard, they are also your personal hosts. Here you can obviously admire centuries-old prefillossera vineyards (over 300 years old) and the Wine Cellar.

Christie & Richard at the end of their Amalfi Coast tour with lots of wine.
Michael's group just outside Tenuta San Francesco ready to tour the old vineyards
Next to me Eva, Chiara and Elena the chefs at Tenuta San Franscesco
Celebrating Tina's Birthday at Tenuta San Francesco with a great lunch and wine
Nowosielecki's family enjoying lunch and wine tour at the Tenuta San Francesco

Eva (Gaetano's wife) Elena (Luigi's wife) and Chiara (Vincenzo's wife) will be our chefs! I just want to tell you that the appetizer, the multi-course tasting lunch, is based on traditional recipes and local, fresh and seasonal products no more than this because I have to keep some secrets.

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Wine Tour Cantina del Vesuvio

Lacryma Christi wine, squeezed from the grapes of Vesuvius, with smell of lava, lapilli and ash

Maurizio Russo decided to follow in the footsteps of Giovanni, his father, carrying on a small winery founded in 1948 immediately after the end of the second world war, located on the slopes of Vesuvius and close to Pompeii and Herculaneum.

For over 18 years, the company has been opening to guided tours of tourists, improving the wine from year to year and limiting distribution by selling it exclusively directly to the winery.

Maurizio with his Wife Ester, his son Giovanni and his daughter Mariella at their vineyard.
Kim and Julie having fun during the wine tour at the Cantina del Vesuvio
Group photo picture with the majestic Vesuvio in the background.

Maurizio had a dream to open the doors of his cellar to all those who love good food but above all good wine. Today his dream has come true

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Pasta tour Pastificio Somma

Learn about the history, traditions and flavors of Italian Pasta

Laboratorio Somma is a small artisan pasta factory that was born on a pre-existing workshop of the 1400s. Since 2010 and after 4 generations of artisans in the same place, Saturno and his wife Mickol are involved in the "creation" of pasta and the sale which is exclusively in store.

Saturno will make us relive the ancient way of processing pasta, a small introduction of the history and how, in particular, macaroni were made. He will also show us how homemade pasta is made, using household tools, then how the semolina is processed together with the water and how the pasta comes out of the die that gives it its shape; and at the end how it is dried.

Saturno and Nikole into their Pasta Store ready to show us how they make the best Italian pasta

At the end of the tour, when you are already starving, we will start our lunch: Appetizer, then tasting two different shapes of pasta, one seasoned with ricotta and tomato sauce, the other with seasonal vegetables. Dessert prepared by us and limoncello. Water and local red wine from Gragnano.

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Truffle Hunting

Discover the art and history of truffle hunting: an earthy diamond.

Oreste and Carmine are your hunters. Father and son with a series of twenty-year passions in common such as the mountains, hunting wild boars and truffles.

They will accompany you in your search for truffles with their dogs, two Lagotti Romagnoli with their senses refined and specifically trained for this hunt. The emotions for them are always a lot, the desire to experience a new adventure in the woods every time, their favorite place, watching happy dogs and the smiles of the customers they have at their side.

You will then fall in love with the hospitality of the Patron Antonio in his La Corte dei Filangeri Restaurant, the aromas of the cuisine, and the flavors of a long peasant tradition, made up of simple dishes revisited by his creativity and the excellence of the raw materials. And not only that, because Antonio has a great passion for wines that will warm your heart during your lunch.

Antonio was an employee of a large mechanical company that unfortunately failed but he did not let himself go and decided to follow a cooking course thus becoming a chef and open his restaurant in Candida, in the province of Avellino (1100 inhabitants) of which the name originates from the white and white rocks on which it is established.

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Lemon  Experience

The word itself says it, Lemon Experience

Salvatore Aceto, born and raised on the Amalfi Coast, in 1825 bought a small land in Ravello where he began the activity of producer and trader of lemons and relative transformation. After the World War he established himself as the largest producer of lemons on the Amalfi Coast.

At the end of the 60s other plots were purchased including the one located in the "Valle dei Mulini" producing about 800 quintals of lemons a year and where you will live your experience.

This is me in my vehicle holding a small branch of local lemons
The best lemon granita in Positano!
Amalfi lemon in all its beauty, fragrance and essence

After 6 generations in 1992, the Aceto family founded the company and to this day, offers an exciting day for the authentic soul of Amalfi, discovering the authentic flavors of lemons from this land rich in traditions. This is a unique experience of the cultivation of the Amalfi sfusato (a variety of lemon of the Amalfi coast) and to produce limoncello.

You will discover the cultivation of lemons and the production of all the delicacies of the farm. You will walk among the lemon groves admiring the farmers at work and then visit the workshops to discover the secrets of the preparation of the limoncello, jams and honey from their bees.

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Olive oil tour Frantoio Gargiulo

Taste and enjoy the characteristics of the olive oil such as its soul: fragrance, color and taste

The hills of Sorrento covered with olive trees and the love for the land and for oil, 1849 gave the Gargiulo family the desire to create an oil mill to make known the goodness first locally and then to the world of the Extra Virgin Oil of Olives from Sorrento.

During the last 15 years Raffaella Francesco and Antonino are the third generation to manage the Frantoio Gargiulo in Sant'Agnello and offer only the best products.

A group tour during the Extra virgin Oil tasting at Frantoio Gargiulo
Me at Gargiulo Oil Factory, playing with one of their advertising signs

Here we will walk for about fifteen minutes among the centenary olive trees, discovering the secrets of Sorrento oil production by admiring the tools of the past, and later also those of the present, which were used for pruning and pressing the olives, you will see all the steps leading to the production of their delicious oil.

At the end of the guided tour, you will taste all the varieties of extra virgin olive oil with a delicious local bread. From DOP extra virgin olive oil to lemon or black truffle oil, to oils flavored with Sorrento oranges or chilli pepper; they will advise you on the combinations to do in your kitchen.

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Mozzarella Factory Tenuta Vannulo

Appreciate the unparalleled genuineness of this mozzarella that is venturing into a new area (era of production)

Tenuta Vannulo in Paestum was born in 1988 and takes its name from the locality where the company is located, the name of its founder is Tonino Palmieri. Its spearhead is the buffalo mozzarella which has become a destination for gastronomic tourism.

Vannulo today is a large family-run business in which Tonino Palmieri's three children are involved: Maria Teresa, Nicola, agronomist, and Annalisa.

This is me taking a selfie with buffaloes at Vannulo Cheese Factory
Buffaloes lunching at Tenuta Vannulo in Paestum
Production time at Tenuta Vannullo, they are cutting (mozzare) the mozzarella to make lots of balls
Luigi is offering me some buffaloes mozzarella, so yummy

A guide will lead you to visit the estate, the production, the peasant museum, the leather emporium. Of course you will see the 600 buffaloes and you will be explained how they live and what they eat. I can assure you that they are treated only with homeopathic remedies and feed with organic fodder. Finally the tasting of mozzarella, served in its simplicity, a bite to feel the softness of a land that welcomes you, a unique and unmistakable flavor.

On request, you can also stop for lunch where you can eat meatballs from Cilento, a side dish of mixed vegetables from the farm garden, breads and buffalo butter samples and much more. Tasting a local wine such as Fiano del Cilento.

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I have multiple recommendations to offer you for food and wine tours. Send me a note to provide you with more details, quotes and how to make a reservation.


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